Members of BWTP share a common and strong interest, with the original mission drafted at a meeting of the BWTP Network held in Singapore in 1996, remaining largely unchanged, namely:

  • To improve the quality of life of the poor through promoting and facilitating their access to and use of sustainable financial services; and
  • To respond positively to the growing diversity of organisations delivering microfinance products, services and technologies insofar as these are capable of achieving greater financial inclusion of the poor on a sustainable basis.

The BWTP Network fulfils this mission through knowledge creation and dissemination, information sharing, capacity building, and policy advocacy and dialogue.

The objectives of the BWTP Network are to:

  • To foster broader outreach, improve efficiency and greater sustainability of financial services providers in the Asia region, through knowledge creation and dissemination, and policy advocacy through whole‐of‐network activities of the BWTP Network;
  • Promote the financial inclusion of the poor in developing countries in Asia by improving their access to and use of financial services;
  • Evaluate institutional models, technologies and products, including savings and payments instruments, credit and other financial services, in terms of their conformity with appropriate best practice standards of microfinance service delivery and financial inclusiveness;
  • Provide members with access to information that increases their knowledge of appropriate best practice in microfinance and inclusive finance service provision, capacity‐building and technology advances via online means and physical forums;
  • Document and demonstrate the success and lessons learnt in microfinance provision in Asia as a means of improving policy and practice in the field generally;
  • Research and advocate best practice through engagement with Network members to inform policy and practice across all sectors involved in the goal of financial inclusion, including allying itself with national networks; and
  • Encourage diversity and avoid exclusive endorsement of, or advocacy for, any particular institution models, technologies or financial products.