Guardian MFI Clients

Gramalaya Urban and Rural Development Initiatives and Network (GUARDIAN) is a micro finance institution (MFI) and a not for profit organization, registered under Sec. 25 of Companies Act 1956. GUARDIAN came into existence in 2007 and it was promoted by Gramalaya, which is a pioneer NGO in the field of water and sanitation for more than two decades in Tiruchirapalli District, Tamilnadu.

GUARDIAN is the first MFI in the world engaged in micro lending to the community who lack access to credit for the creation of individual household toilets and water connection facilities. With the support of nationalized banks, communities, NGO and donor agencies, Guardian has started ‘lending’ to the poorer communities for the promotion of water and toilet facilities through women self-help groups (SHG) and women joint liability groups (JLG) since March 2008.

Guardian currently operates in 25 blocks and one City Corporation in Trichirapalli, Pudukottai, Namakkal, Perambalur, Karur and Salem district of Tamil Nadu, India and is likely to cover the adjacent districts in the near future. Guardian provides credit for water connections, toilet construction, renovation, rainwater harvesting, water purifier and bio gas plants. As of September 2016, Guardian was able reach 92,342 women clients with total loan disbursement of INR 92.54 crores to have easy access to household water and toilet facilities.

In line with Honorable Prime Minister’s Call, GUARDIAN has set a goal to address 10,00,000 households in Tamil Nadu to have easy access to toilet facilities through loan component by the year 2019-20 and would like to promote 2,00,000 household toilets per annum. Thus, Guardian could reach 10,00,000 families for easy access to toilet facilities by the year ending 2019-20 and 50,00,000 members would be benefitted indirectly.

For this purpose Habitat for Humanity India Trust Lending to INR 1,00,00,000 (Rupees one crore rupees )to  Guardian and Guardian disbursed 500 toilet loans in Salem, Keeranur and Perambalur Districts.


Guardian envisions poorer societies to have easy access to household water and sanitation facilities through micro credit

Mission :

  • To facilitate the needy people in urban and rural for the promotion of water and sanitation activities.
  • To initiate action towards safe health and environment through active participation in water and sanitation programs.
  • To ensure participation of likeminded NGOs, Financial institutions and social investors for watsan promotions for community development
  1. c) Objectives:

—  To reach the poor to have easy access to household water and toilet facilities

—  To offer low interest to consumers for water & toilet facilities

—  To meet the MDG goal and for improving the living standards of the people in India


—  Products and/or services offered by the applicant

Loan Products Urban Rs. Rural Rs. Interest rate (declining basis) Loan processing fees Insurance for 2 year Loan tenure % of total portfolio
 New Water connection 10000.00 7000.00 24% 1% 100 17 months 30%
 New Toilet Construction 20000.00 20000.00 24% 1% 150 17 months 59%
 Renovations  (Water / Toilet) 5000.00 5000.00 24% 1% 100 17 months 5%
 Rain water harvesting 5000.00 5000.00 24% 1% 100 17 months 2%
 Water purifier 5000.00 5000.00 24% 1% 100 17 months 2%
Bio-Gas Plant 10,000.00 10,000.00 24% 1% 100 17 months 2%


Case Study  – 1       Namakkal 

Name of Beneficiary : Mrs Nirmala , w/of Mr Rajkumar 

Village name : Oruvanthur village

District           : Namakkal

Loan amount : Rs.7,000/-

I live with my husband and two children.  My husband is a lorry driver.  He will be away from our house for continuously 3 to 4 weeks.  So, I would go to river to bring water leaving my children alone in my house.  As my children are small kids, I will worry till return to home for leaving them alone.  All of my family members used to drink this river water only.  At that time, Guardian Staff visited our village and made awareness on disease spread over from river water and explained about how children to adults’ health will affect from such river water.  I understood the reason for my children’s frequent illness.  As I have no awareness about the diseases due to drinking river water, all of us got affected and spent more money to hospital and medicine.   They advised us to avoid drinking of river water and use only protected water distributed through pipeline.  So, I decided to lay pipeline in my house.  But, I don’t have money to lay pipeline.  My husband’s earnings will be sent only for family’s routine expenses.  Hence,   we approached Guardian and expressed our loan requirement.  Guardian gave us Rs.7, 000/- loan amount.  With this money, we immediately for waterline connection and installed.  Now, we are consuming safe drinking water and feel happy.   Thanks to Guardian for saved our health.


Case Study – 2        Perambalur

Name of Beneficiary : Mrs Kirija Kumar

Nameof village           : Senjeri

District                         : Perambalur

Loan amount              : Rs.10,000/-

I am living in Senjeri village.  My husband is a daily wages labour.  I have two children.  My house is in remote area and have to walk about half kilometre to bring  drinking water.  Due to long distance and carrying the pot in head,  I suffered with body pain.  Furthter,  at the time of  preparing to send my children  to the school, the water will come.  So, I have to go to bring water and so could not send my children to school in time.    In the meantime, I came to know that Guardian is giving loan for water line connection.  I approached Guardian office .  Based on their guidelines,  I form a group consisting  five members and applied for water loan.  They gave me Rs.10,000/- Now, .I  got water connection in my own house and taking the water without any hardship.  I got relieved from long walking and weight carrying.  Thanks to Guardian for gave me a permanent relief from my sufferings.